Emily and Joe Get Married in a Dive Bar by Walls Trimble

This is a pair that knows how to write. Emily, who writes her own music, radiates love and light. The first time I met her, she was belting her face off at a bar in Brooklyn, and her voice gave my soul a lift I didn’t know I needed. Joe is a company member of one of my favorite theatre companies, The Mad Ones.* They create their own work, out of nothing. Magicians. Naturally, their vows had us all in tears.

What was meant to be a backyard union turned into a dive bar dream when so many guests replied, YES, to their invite! We met at East River Bar in Williamsburg on an overcast Saturday for a first look, gathering generations and the coolest bridal jumpsuit I’ve ever seen.

Take a look.

*You can see photos from their most recent show Miles for Mary in my Stage section.