Seonjae by Walls Trimble

One of my favorite artists, writer and director Seonjae Kim came back uptown for a golden hour shoot. You might recognize her from my portraits section, or perhaps her name from Riot Antigone, her Riot Grrrl adaptation of the Greek tragedy Antigone. She came ready to work H2T.

If you are working on a new play, need a good playlist or want to feel alive in your imagination, hire. this. woman. And then stroll with me through a playground and we’ll make some art.

A Stroll with Joe by Walls Trimble

I’m in the middle of my Saturn Return, a period of life every 28-30 years where Saturn makes its way back to where it was when we were each born. It’s intense, and I’ve been faced with my SELF in a way I used to be able to avoid. But it’s also been so celebratory. I feel like I am coming home, rooting deeper than I ever have and also reuniting with what brings me joy.

When my college friend Joe asked about documenting this stage of his life a few months ago, it was an easy yes. We got the last of the cherry blossoms and some splendid spring weather.

A Doll's House, Part 3 by Walls Trimble

Perhaps you’ll recognize Michael and Patrick from last summer’s This American Wife? Or perhaps their disguises (costumes by Cole McCarty) transport you fully to Norway? In either case, this new play, filled with tutus, spotlights and the single greatest tarantella choreography I’ve ever seen, was a delight to photograph. Can’t wait to see what this team concocts next!

Created & Performed by Michael Breslin & Patrick Foley
Featuring: Catherine María Rodríguez & Anna Crivelli
Dramaturg: Ariel Sibert 
Producer: Rachel Shuey 
Costumes: Cole McCarty
Lights: Krista Elizabeth Smith
Sound: Michael Costagliola
Stage Manager: Abbie Betts

The Campesi Family in Red Bank, NJ by Walls Trimble

I first photographed the Deegan and Campesi family nearly a year and a half ago! It’s so fun to see how quickly kids grow and to reconnect over time. This year we met at the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank, NJ for holiday card photos and year-round framers. I am consistently impressed by my families’ ability to withstand frozen temps…and always grateful when their location includes a cozy fireplace! Click here to remember what a beach shoot feels like!

The Rodriguez Family at the Cloisters by Walls Trimble

When a family asks if they can bring their dog, say yes. You will arrive at the Cloisters to the most fantastic doodle named Athena, who will greet you with a full body hug and tail wag. The Rodriguez family have A: the best dog, B: the best color coordination and C: the best game faces in freezing weather. You’d never know this Thanksgiving weekend shoot was below-freezing!

In the Chair with Suzy by Walls Trimble

What a treat to spend a morning with a friend! I met Suzy through Actors Theatre of Louisville, where she finished apprenticing this spring. She wanted to update her headshots and make some editorial portraits (can you spot the Maisie Williams homage?), so we pulled out my mom’s red coat and added a few furry friends to the mix. Natalie returned for hair and makeup and we jammed to that sweet, sweet Big Little Lies soundtrack. Here’s an idea, put on a favorite from the playlist: Leon Bridges. Then scroll through the photos. It’ll be like you’re right there with us.

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