Staten Island's #1 Pizzeria / by Walls Trimble

A day trip planned for dinner at Enoteca Maria turned into pizza at Denino's and ice cream at Ralph's. Glenna and I had planned to try the menu from a Tokyo-based "Nonna" at Enoteca Maria, but when we arrived (after taking the FREE Staten Island Ferry), they were full for the night. I've been reading Ina Yalof's amazing Food in the City, and I had just finished her interviews with the family owners of Denino's, so we hopped on a bus and found ourselves at Staten Island's #1 pizzeria.*

We caught the sunset riding back to Manhattan and stumbled upon the glorious Seaglass Carousel at South Ferry. One of my favorite New York discoveries yet. 

Special thanks to Glenna for her photography prowess on this adventure. (Click over to her page to see her most recent headshot, courtesy of moi!)

*That's a big deal. Yalof reports that there are over 600 pizzerias on Staten Island alone.